GNUnet  0.20.0
gnunet_ats_application_service.h File Reference

Bandwidth allocation API for applications to interact with. More...

#include "gnunet_constants.h"
#include "gnunet_util_lib.h"
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struct GNUNET_ATS_ApplicationHandle * GNUNET_ATS_application_init (const struct GNUNET_CONFIGURATION_Handle *cfg)
 Initialize the ATS application client handle. More...
void GNUNET_ATS_application_done (struct GNUNET_ATS_ApplicationHandle *ch)
 Shutdown ATS application client. More...
struct GNUNET_ATS_ApplicationSuggestHandle * GNUNET_ATS_application_suggest (struct GNUNET_ATS_ApplicationHandle *ch, const struct GNUNET_PeerIdentity *peer, enum GNUNET_MQ_PreferenceKind pk, struct GNUNET_BANDWIDTH_Value32NBO bw)
 An application would like to communicate with a peer. More...
void GNUNET_ATS_application_suggest_cancel (struct GNUNET_ATS_ApplicationSuggestHandle *sh)
 We no longer care about communicating with a peer. More...

Detailed Description

Bandwidth allocation API for applications to interact with.

Christian Grothoff
Matthias Wachs

Definition in file gnunet_ats_application_service.h.