GNUnet  0.20.0
GNUNET_IDENTITY_PrivateKey Struct Reference

A private key for an identity as per LSD0001. More...

#include <gnunet_identity_service.h>

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Data Fields

uint32_t type
 Type of public key. More...
union {
   struct GNUNET_CRYPTO_EcdsaPrivateKey   ecdsa_key
 An ECDSA identity key. More...
   struct GNUNET_CRYPTO_EddsaPrivateKey   eddsa_key
 AN EdDSA identtiy key. More...

Detailed Description

A private key for an identity as per LSD0001.

Note that these types are NOT packed and MUST NOT be used in RPC messages. Use the respective serialization functions.

Definition at line 95 of file gnunet_identity_service.h.

Field Documentation

◆ type

◆ ecdsa_key

struct GNUNET_CRYPTO_EcdsaPrivateKey GNUNET_IDENTITY_PrivateKey::ecdsa_key

◆ eddsa_key

struct GNUNET_CRYPTO_EddsaPrivateKey GNUNET_IDENTITY_PrivateKey::eddsa_key

AN EdDSA identtiy key.

Definition at line 102 of file gnunet_identity_service.h.

Referenced by ego_sign_data_cb(), GNUNET_IDENTITY_decrypt_old(), run(), and run_edkey().


union { ... }

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