GNUnet  0.20.0
testbed Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for testbed:


file  generate-underlay-topology.c [code]
 Program to generate a database file containing given underlay topology.
file  gnunet-daemon-latency-logger.c [code]
 log latency values from neighbour connections into an SQLite database
file  gnunet-daemon-testbed-blacklist.c [code]
 daemon to restrict incoming connections from other peers at the transport layer of a peer
file  gnunet-daemon-testbed-underlay.c [code]
file  gnunet-helper-testbed.c [code]
 Helper binary that is started from a remote controller to start gnunet-service-testbed.
file  gnunet-service-test-barriers.c [code]
 Daemon acting as a service for testing testbed barriers.
file  gnunet-service-testbed.c [code]
 implementation of the TESTBED service
file  gnunet-service-testbed.h [code]
 data structures shared amongst components of TESTBED service
file  gnunet-service-testbed_barriers.c [code]
 barrier handling at the testbed controller
file  gnunet-service-testbed_barriers.h [code]
 Interface for the barrier initialisation handler routine.
file  gnunet-service-testbed_cache.c [code]
 testbed cache implementation
file  gnunet-service-testbed_connectionpool.c [code]
 connection pooling for connections to peers' services
file  gnunet-service-testbed_connectionpool.h [code]
 Interface for connection pooling subroutines.
file  gnunet-service-testbed_cpustatus.c [code]
 calls to determine current CPU load
file  gnunet-service-testbed_meminfo.c [code]
file  gnunet-service-testbed_meminfo.h [code]
file  gnunet-service-testbed_oc.c [code]
 code for handling overlay connect operations
file  gnunet-service-testbed_peers.c [code]
 implementation of TESTBED service that deals with peer management
file  gnunet-testbed-profiler.c [code]
 Profiling driver for the testbed.
file  gnunet_mpi_test.c [code]
file  testbed.h [code]
 IPC messages between testing API and service ("controller")
file  testbed_api.c [code]
 API for accessing the GNUnet testing service.
file  testbed_api.h [code]
 Interface for functions internally exported from testbed_api.c.
file  testbed_api_barriers.c [code]
 API implementation for testbed barriers.
file  testbed_api_hosts.c [code]
 API for manipulating 'hosts' controlled by the GNUnet testing service; allows parsing hosts files, starting, stopping and communicating (via SSH/stdin/stdout) with the remote (or local) processes.
file  testbed_api_hosts.h [code]
 internal API to access the 'hosts' subsystem
file  testbed_api_operations.c [code]
 functions to manage operation queues
file  testbed_api_operations.h [code]
 internal API to access the 'operations' subsystem
file  testbed_api_peers.c [code]
 management of the knowledge about peers in this library (we know the peer ID, its host, pending operations, etc.)
file  testbed_api_peers.h [code]
 internal API to access the 'peers' subsystem
file  testbed_api_sd.c [code]
 functions to calculate standard deviation
file  testbed_api_sd.h [code]
 functions to calculate standard deviation
file  testbed_api_services.c [code]
 convenience functions for accessing services
file  testbed_api_statistics.c [code]
 high-level statistics function
file  testbed_api_test.c [code]
 high-level test function
file  testbed_api_testbed.c [code]
 high-level testbed management
file  testbed_api_topology.c [code]
 topology-generation functions
file  testbed_api_topology.h [code]
 header for intra library exported functions
file  testbed_api_underlay.c [code]
 testbed underlay API implementation
file  testbed_helper.h [code]
 Message formats for communication between testbed api and gnunet-helper-testbed process.