GNUnet  0.17.6
namestore Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for namestore:


file  gnunet-namestore-fcfsd.c [code]
 HTTP daemon that offers first-come-first-serve GNS domain registration.
file  gnunet-namestore.c [code]
 command line tool to manipulate the local zone
file  gnunet-service-namestore.c [code]
 namestore for the GNUnet naming system
file  gnunet-zoneimport.c [code]
 import a DNS zone for publication in GNS, incremental
file  namestore.h [code]
 common internal definitions for namestore service
file  namestore_api.c [code]
 API to access the NAMESTORE service.
file  namestore_api_monitor.c [code]
 API to monitor changes in the NAMESTORE.
file  plugin_namestore_postgres.c [code]
 postgres-based namestore backend
file  plugin_namestore_sqlite.c [code]
 sqlite-based namestore backend
file  plugin_rest_namestore.c [code]
 GNUnet Namestore REST plugin.