GNUnet  0.11.x
Data Fields
GNUNET_RECLAIM_Credential Struct Reference

A credential. More...

#include <gnunet_reclaim_lib.h>

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Data Fields

struct GNUNET_RECLAIM_Identifier id
 ID. More...
uint32_t type
 Type/Format of Claim. More...
uint32_t flag
 Flag. More...
const char * name
 The name of the credential. More...
size_t data_size
 Number of bytes in data. More...
const void * data
 Binary value stored as credential value. More...

Detailed Description

A credential.

Definition at line 155 of file gnunet_reclaim_lib.h.

Field Documentation

◆ id

struct GNUNET_RECLAIM_Identifier GNUNET_RECLAIM_Credential::id

◆ type

uint32_t GNUNET_RECLAIM_Credential::type

◆ flag

uint32_t GNUNET_RECLAIM_Credential::flag


Definition at line 170 of file gnunet_reclaim_lib.h.

Referenced by GNUNET_RECLAIM_credential_new().

◆ name

const char* GNUNET_RECLAIM_Credential::name

◆ data_size

size_t GNUNET_RECLAIM_Credential::data_size

◆ data

const void* GNUNET_RECLAIM_Credential::data

Binary value stored as credential value.

Note: "data" must never be individually 'malloc'ed, but instead always points into some existing data area.

Definition at line 188 of file gnunet_reclaim_lib.h.

Referenced by cred_collect(), cred_iter_cb(), GNUNET_RECLAIM_credential_list_dup(), GNUNET_RECLAIM_credential_new(), jwt_get_issuer_c(), jwt_parse_attributes_c(), oidc_cred_collect(), pabc_get_issuer_c(), pabc_parse_attributes_c(), and parse_jwt().

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