GNUnet  0.11.x
Data Fields
GNUNET_TUN_IPv6Header Struct Reference

Standard IPv6 header. More...

#include <gnunet_tun_lib.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int traffic_class_h: 4
unsigned int version: 4
unsigned int traffic_class_l: 4
unsigned int flow_label: 20
uint16_t payload_length
 Length of the payload, excluding this header. More...
uint8_t next_header
 For example, IPPROTO_UDP or IPPROTO_TCP. More...
uint8_t hop_limit
 How many more hops can this packet be forwarded? More...
struct in6_addr source_address
 Origin of the packet. More...
struct in6_addr destination_address
 Destination of the packet. More...

Detailed Description

Standard IPv6 header.

Definition at line 155 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

Field Documentation

◆ traffic_class_h

unsigned int GNUNET_TUN_IPv6Header::traffic_class_h

Definition at line 158 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

◆ version

unsigned int GNUNET_TUN_IPv6Header::version

Definition at line 159 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

Referenced by GNUNET_TUN_initialize_ipv6_header(), and process_helper_messages().

◆ traffic_class_l

unsigned int GNUNET_TUN_IPv6Header::traffic_class_l

Definition at line 160 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

◆ flow_label

unsigned int GNUNET_TUN_IPv6Header::flow_label

Definition at line 161 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

◆ payload_length

uint16_t GNUNET_TUN_IPv6Header::payload_length

◆ next_header

uint8_t GNUNET_TUN_IPv6Header::next_header

◆ hop_limit

uint8_t GNUNET_TUN_IPv6Header::hop_limit

How many more hops can this packet be forwarded?

Definition at line 182 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

Referenced by GNUNET_TUN_initialize_ipv6_header().

◆ source_address

struct in6_addr GNUNET_TUN_IPv6Header::source_address

◆ destination_address

struct in6_addr GNUNET_TUN_IPv6Header::destination_address

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