GNUnet  0.16.x
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gnunet_helper_lib.h File Reference
#include "gnunet_scheduler_lib.h"
#include "gnunet_mst_lib.h"
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typedef void(* GNUNET_HELPER_ExceptionCallback) (void *cls)
 Callback that will be called when the helper process dies. More...
typedef void(* GNUNET_HELPER_Continuation) (void *cls, int result)
 Continuation function. More...


struct GNUNET_HELPER_HandleGNUNET_HELPER_start (int with_control_pipe, const char *binary_name, char *const binary_argv[], GNUNET_MessageTokenizerCallback cb, GNUNET_HELPER_ExceptionCallback exp_cb, void *cb_cls)
 Starts a helper and begins reading from it. More...
int GNUNET_HELPER_kill (struct GNUNET_HELPER_Handle *h, int soft_kill)
 Sends termination signal to the helper process. More...
int GNUNET_HELPER_wait (struct GNUNET_HELPER_Handle *h)
 Reap the helper process. More...
void GNUNET_HELPER_destroy (struct GNUNET_HELPER_Handle *h)
 Free's the resources occupied by the helper handle. More...
void GNUNET_HELPER_stop (struct GNUNET_HELPER_Handle *h, int soft_kill)
 Kills the helper, closes the pipe, frees the handle and calls wait() on the helper process. More...
struct GNUNET_HELPER_SendHandleGNUNET_HELPER_send (struct GNUNET_HELPER_Handle *h, const struct GNUNET_MessageHeader *msg, int can_drop, GNUNET_HELPER_Continuation cont, void *cont_cls)
 Send an message to the helper. More...
void GNUNET_HELPER_send_cancel (struct GNUNET_HELPER_SendHandle *sh)
 Cancel a GNUNET_HELPER_send operation. More...

Detailed Description

Philipp Toelke
Christian Grothoff

API for dealing with SUID helper processes

Definition in file gnunet_helper_lib.h.