GNUnet  0.11.x
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4  struct GNUNET_BlockGroup *bg,
5  const GNUNET_HashCode *query,
6  const void *xquery,
7  size_t xquery_size,
8  const void *reply_block,
9  size_t reply_block_size)
10 {
11  // Verify type, block and bg
12 }
static enum GNUNET_BLOCK_EvaluationResult block_plugin_SERVICE_evaluate(void *cls, enum GNUNET_BLOCK_Type type, struct GNUNET_BlockGroup *bg, const GNUNET_HashCode *query, const void *xquery, size_t xquery_size, const void *reply_block, size_t reply_block_size)
Definition: 021.c:2
Possible ways for how a block may relate to a query.
Blocks in the datastore and the datacache must have a unique type.
A 512-bit hashcode.
enum GNUNET_TESTBED_UnderlayLinkModelType type
the type of this model