GNUnet  0.11.x
Data Fields
GNUNET_TUN_TcpHeader Struct Reference

TCP packet header. More...

#include <gnunet_tun_lib.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t source_port
 Source port (in NBO). More...
uint16_t destination_port
 Destination port (in NBO). More...
uint32_t seq
 Sequence number. More...
uint32_t ack
 Acknowledgement number. More...
unsigned int reserved: 4
 Reserved. More...
unsigned int off: 4
 Number of 32-bit words in TCP header. More...
uint8_t flags
 Flags (SYN, FIN, ACK, etc.) More...
uint16_t window_size
 Window size. More...
uint16_t crc
 Checksum. More...
uint16_t urgent_pointer
 Urgent pointer. More...

Detailed Description

TCP packet header.

Definition at line 211 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

Field Documentation

◆ source_port

uint16_t GNUNET_TUN_TcpHeader::source_port

Source port (in NBO).

Definition at line 216 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

Referenced by handle_tcp_back(), prepare_ipv4_packet(), prepare_ipv6_packet(), route_packet(), and tcp_from_helper().

◆ destination_port

uint16_t GNUNET_TUN_TcpHeader::destination_port

◆ seq

uint32_t GNUNET_TUN_TcpHeader::seq

Sequence number.

Definition at line 226 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

◆ ack

uint32_t GNUNET_TUN_TcpHeader::ack

Acknowledgement number.

Definition at line 231 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

◆ reserved

unsigned int GNUNET_TUN_TcpHeader::reserved


Must be zero.

Definition at line 236 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

◆ off

unsigned int GNUNET_TUN_TcpHeader::off

Number of 32-bit words in TCP header.

Definition at line 240 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

Referenced by check_tcp_back(), check_tcp_data(), check_tcp_remote(), check_tcp_service(), and route_packet().

◆ flags

uint8_t GNUNET_TUN_TcpHeader::flags

Flags (SYN, FIN, ACK, etc.)

Definition at line 257 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

◆ window_size

uint16_t GNUNET_TUN_TcpHeader::window_size

Window size.

Definition at line 262 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

◆ crc

uint16_t GNUNET_TUN_TcpHeader::crc

◆ urgent_pointer

uint16_t GNUNET_TUN_TcpHeader::urgent_pointer

Urgent pointer.

Definition at line 272 of file gnunet_tun_lib.h.

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