GNUnet  0.11.x
Data Fields
GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology Struct Reference

#include </home/buildbot/bb-worker/worker/gnunet/build/src/ats-tests/ats-testing.h>

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Data Fields

struct GNUNET_SCHEDULER_Taskprogress_task
 Progress task. More...
int result
 Test result. More...
int test_core
 Test core (GNUNET_YES) or transport (GNUNET_NO) More...
char * solver
 Solver string. More...
char * testname
 Preference string. More...
char * pref_str
 Preference string. More...
int pref_val
 ATS preference value. More...
unsigned int num_masters
 Number master peers. More...
struct BenchmarkPeermps
 Array of master peers. More...
unsigned int num_slaves
 Number slave peers. More...
struct BenchmarkPeersps
 Array of slave peers. More...
struct GNUNET_TIME_Relative perf_duration
 Benchmark duration. More...
struct GNUNET_TIME_Relative log_frequency
 Logging frequency. More...
struct BenchmarkState state
 Benchmark state. More...
GNUNET_ATS_TEST_TopologySetupDoneCallback done_cb
GNUNET_ATS_AddressInformationCallback ats_perf_cb
void * done_cb_cls

Detailed Description

Definition at line 391 of file ats-testing.h.

Field Documentation

◆ progress_task

struct GNUNET_SCHEDULER_Task* GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::progress_task

Progress task.

Definition at line 396 of file ats-testing.h.

◆ result

int GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::result

◆ test_core

int GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::test_core

Test core (GNUNET_YES) or transport (GNUNET_NO)

Definition at line 406 of file ats-testing.h.

Referenced by comm_connect_completion_cb(), do_comm_connect(), and GNUNET_ATS_TEST_create_topology().

◆ solver

char* GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::solver

Solver string.

Definition at line 411 of file ats-testing.h.

◆ testname

char* GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::testname

Preference string.

Definition at line 416 of file ats-testing.h.

◆ pref_str

char* GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::pref_str

Preference string.

Definition at line 421 of file ats-testing.h.

◆ pref_val

int GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::pref_val

ATS preference value.

Definition at line 426 of file ats-testing.h.

◆ num_masters

unsigned int GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::num_masters

◆ mps

struct BenchmarkPeer* GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::mps

◆ num_slaves

unsigned int GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::num_slaves

◆ sps

struct BenchmarkPeer* GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::sps

◆ perf_duration

struct GNUNET_TIME_Relative GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::perf_duration

Benchmark duration.

Definition at line 451 of file ats-testing.h.

◆ log_frequency

struct GNUNET_TIME_Relative GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::log_frequency

Logging frequency.

Definition at line 456 of file ats-testing.h.

◆ state

struct BenchmarkState GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::state

◆ done_cb

GNUNET_ATS_TEST_TopologySetupDoneCallback GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::done_cb

Definition at line 463 of file ats-testing.h.

Referenced by comm_connect_cb(), and GNUNET_ATS_TEST_create_topology().

◆ ats_perf_cb

GNUNET_ATS_AddressInformationCallback GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::ats_perf_cb

Definition at line 465 of file ats-testing.h.

Referenced by ats_performance_info_cb(), and GNUNET_ATS_TEST_create_topology().

◆ done_cb_cls

void* GNUNET_ATS_TEST_Topology::done_cb_cls

Definition at line 467 of file ats-testing.h.

Referenced by comm_connect_cb(), and GNUNET_ATS_TEST_create_topology().

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