GNUnet  0.11.x
Data Fields
Experiment Struct Reference

#include </home/buildbot/bb-worker/worker/gnunet/build/src/ats/gnunet-ats-solver-eval.h>

Collaboration diagram for Experiment:

Data Fields

char * name
char * log_prefix
char * cfg_file
char * log_output_dir
int log_append_time_stamp
struct GNUNET_TIME_Relative log_freq
struct GNUNET_TIME_Relative max_duration
struct GNUNET_TIME_Relative total_duration
struct GNUNET_TIME_Absolute start_time
unsigned int num_episodes
struct Episodestart
struct GNUNET_SCHEDULER_Taskexperiment_timeout_task
struct GNUNET_SCHEDULER_Taskepisode_timeout_task
struct Episodecur
GNUNET_ATS_TESTING_EpisodeDoneCallback ep_done_cb
GNUNET_ATS_TESTING_ExperimentDoneCallback e_done_cb
unsigned long long int num_masters
unsigned long long int num_slaves

Detailed Description

Definition at line 243 of file gnunet-ats-solver-eval.h.

Field Documentation

◆ name

char * Experiment::name

◆ log_prefix

char* Experiment::log_prefix

◆ cfg_file

char * Experiment::cfg_file

◆ log_output_dir

char* Experiment::log_output_dir

◆ log_append_time_stamp

int Experiment::log_append_time_stamp

Definition at line 249 of file gnunet-ats-solver-eval.h.

Referenced by done(), and GNUNET_ATS_solvers_experimentation_load().

◆ log_freq

struct GNUNET_TIME_Relative Experiment::log_freq

◆ max_duration

struct GNUNET_TIME_Relative Experiment::max_duration

◆ total_duration

struct GNUNET_TIME_Relative Experiment::total_duration

◆ start_time

struct GNUNET_TIME_Absolute Experiment::start_time

◆ num_episodes

unsigned int Experiment::num_episodes

◆ start

struct Episode * Experiment::start

◆ cfg

struct GNUNET_CONFIGURATION_Handle* Experiment::cfg

◆ experiment_timeout_task

struct GNUNET_SCHEDULER_Task * Experiment::experiment_timeout_task

◆ episode_timeout_task

struct GNUNET_SCHEDULER_Task * Experiment::episode_timeout_task

◆ cur

struct Episode * Experiment::cur

◆ ep_done_cb

◆ e_done_cb

◆ num_masters

unsigned long long int Experiment::num_masters

◆ num_slaves

unsigned long long int Experiment::num_slaves

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