GNUnet  0.11.x
Here is a list of all modules:
 ABE Crypto library: Attribute-Based Encryption operations
 ARM serviceAutomatic Restart Manager
 ATS serviceBandwidth allocation
 ATS service plugin APIPlugin API for the ATS service
 BIO libraryBuffered binary disk IO (with endianness conversion)
 Bandwidth libraryFunctions related to bandwidth (unit)
 Block group libraryLibrary for data group management
 Block plugin APITo be implemented by applications storing data in the DHT
 CADET application definitionsConstants for network applications operating on top of the CADET service
 CADET serviceConfidential Ad-hoc Decentralized End-to-End Transport
 CURL integration libraryDownload JSON using libcurl
 Client libraryGeneric client-side communication with services
 Configuration libraryConfiguration management
 Consensus serviceMulti-peer set reconciliation
 Constant definitionsGlobal constants for performance tuning
 Container library: Bloom filterProbabilistic set tests
 Container library: Doubly-linked list
 Container library: HeapMin- or max-heap with arbitrary element removal
 Container library: MetadataGNU libextractor key-value pairs
 Container library: MultiHashMapHash map with multiple values per key
 Conversation serviceOne-to-one voice communication over CADET
 Core serviceEncrypted direct communication between peers
 Credential serviceCredentials
 Crypto library: cryptographic operationsProvides cryptographic primitives
 Crypto library: hash operationsProvides hashing and operations on hashes
 DHT serviceDistributed Hash Table
 DNS Service network protocol definitions
 DNS Stub libraryHelper library to send DNS requests to DNS resolver
 DNS parser libraryHelper library to parse DNS packets
 DNS service
 Data Cache librarySimple, transient hash table of bounded size with content expiration
 Data Cache plugin APIAPI for database backends for the datacache
 Data Store serviceData store for files stored on a GNUnet node
 Data Store service plugin APIAPI for the database backend plugins
 Disk libraryDisk IO APIs
 FS block formatsShared between the FS service and the Block library
 FS serviceFile sharing
 Fragmentation libraryLibrary to help fragment messages
 Friends libraryLibrary to read and write the FRIENDS file
 GNS Record libraryManipulate GNS record data
 GNS Record plugin APITo be implemented by applications defining new record types
 GNS serviceGNU Name System
 Getopt libraryCommand line parsing and –help formatting
 Hello libraryHelper library for handling HELLOs
 Helper libraryDealing with SUID helper processes
 Identity serviceIdentity management
 Load libraryLoad calculations
 MESSENGER serviceInstant messaging based on the CADET subsystem
 MQ libraryGeneral-purpose message queue
 Memory management
 Microphone libraryProvides access to hardware microphones
 MySQL libraryHelper library to access a MySQL database
 NAT testing libraryService for handling UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding and external IP address retrieval
 NSE serviceNetwork Size Estimation
 Name Cache serviceStore naming information on a GNUnet node
 Name Cache service plugin APIPlugin API for the namecache database backend
 Name Store serviceStore naming information on a GNUnet node
 Name Store service plugin APIPlugin API for the namestore database backend
 Network libraryBasic low-level networking interface
 Network protocol definitionsTypes of messages used in GNUnet
 Network signature definitions
 OS libraryLow level process routines
 Peer Info serviceMaintain the list of currently known hosts
 Peer Store service
 Peer Store service plugin APIPlugin API for the peerstore database backend
 Peer libraryHelper library for interning of peer identifiers
 Plugin libraryPlugin loading and unloading
 Program libraryStart command-line programs
 REST libraryHelper library to parse/create REST
 REST plugin for GNUnet services
 RPS serviceRandom Peer Sampling
 RegEx serviceAdvertise capabilities via RegEx and discover respective peers using matching strings
 Resolver serviceAsynchronous standard DNS lookups
 Revocation servicePerform and access key revocations
 SOCKS proxySOCKS proxy for connections
 Scalar Product service
 Scheduler libraryEvent loop (scheduler)
 Secret Sharing serviceVerifiable additive secret sharing and cooperative decryption
 Server libraryLibrary for tokenizing a message stream
 Service libraryStart service processes
 Set serviceTwo-peer set operations
 Signal libraryManage signal handlers
 Speaker serviceAccess hardware audio speakers
 Statistics serviceTrack statistics or provide access to statistics
 Strings libraryStrings and string handling functions, including malloc and string tokenizing
 TRANSPORT serviceLow-level communication with other peers
 TUN libraryStandard TCP/IP network structs and IP checksum calculations for TUN interaction
 Testbed Logger serviceSubmit data to the testbed logger service
 Testbed serviceWriting tests and creating large-scale emulation testbeds for GNUnet with command pattern
 Testing libraryLibrary for writing testcases for GNUnet
 Time libraryTime and time calculations
 Transport Service plugin APISpecifies the struct that is given to the plugin's entry method and the other struct that must be returned
 VPN service
 network type characterization
 reclaim attributes
 reclaim plugin API for attributes/claims
 serviceBandwidth allocation