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1.5 Common Issues - Check your GNUnet installation

You should check your installation to ensure that installing GNUnet was successful up to this point. You should be able to access GNUnet’s binaries and run GNUnet’s self check.

$ which gnunet-arm

should return $PREFIX/bin/gnunet-arm (where $PREFIX is the location you have set earlier). It should be located in your GNUnet installation and the output should not be empty.

If you see an output like:

$ which gnunet-arm

check your PATH variable to ensure GNUnet’s bin directory is included.

GNUnet provides tests for all of its subcomponents. Assuming you have successfully built GNUnet, run

$ cd gnunet
$ make check

to execute tests for all components. make check traverses all subdirectories in src. For every subdirectory you should get a message like this:

make[2]: Entering directory `/home/$USER/gnunet/contrib'
PASS: test_gnunet_prefix
1 test passed