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1.4.1 Installation

Assuming all dependencies are installed, the following commands will compile and install GNUnet in your home directory. You can specify the directory where GNUnet will be installed by changing the --prefix value when calling ./configure. If you do not specifiy a prefix, GNUnet is installed in the directory /usr/local. When developing new applications you may want to enable verbose logging by adding --enable-logging=verbose:

$ export PREFIX=$HOME
$ ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX --enable-logging
$ make
$ make install

After installing GNUnet you have to add your GNUnet installation to your path environmental variable. In addition you have to create the .config directory in your home directory (unless it already exists) where GNUnet stores its data and an empty GNUnet configuration file:

$ export PATH=$PATH:$PREFIX/bin
$ echo export PATH=$PREFIX/bin:\\$PATH >> ~/.bashrc
$ mkdir ~/.config/
$ touch ~/.config/gnunet.conf