GNUnet 0.21.1
testing_cmds.h File Reference

Message formats for communication between testing cmds helper and testcase plugins. More...

#include "gnunet_common.h"
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Data Structures

struct  GNUNET_TESTING_CommandHelperInit
 Initialization message for gnunet-cmds-testbed to start cmd binary. More...
struct  GNUNET_TESTING_CommandHelperReply
 Reply message from cmds helper process. More...
struct  GNUNET_TESTING_CommandPeerStarted
struct  GNUNET_TESTING_CommandAllPeersStarted
struct  GNUNET_TESTING_CommandLocalFinished
struct  GNUNET_TESTING_CommandLocalTestPrepared
struct  GNUNET_TESTING_CommandAllLocalTestsPrepared


#define HELPER_CMDS_BINARY   "gnunet-cmds-helper"


struct GNUNET_TESTING_CommandGNUNET_TESTING_interpreter_get_current_command (struct GNUNET_TESTING_Interpreter *is)
 Returns the actual running command. More...
void GNUNET_TESTING_add_netjail_helper_ (struct GNUNET_TESTING_Interpreter *is, const struct GNUNET_HELPER_Handle *helper)
 Adding a helper handle to the interpreter. More...

Detailed Description

Message formats for communication between testing cmds helper and testcase plugins.


Definition in file testing_cmds.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define HELPER_CMDS_BINARY   "gnunet-cmds-helper"

Definition at line 30 of file testing_cmds.h.

Function Documentation

◆ GNUNET_TESTING_interpreter_get_current_command()

struct GNUNET_TESTING_Command * GNUNET_TESTING_interpreter_get_current_command ( struct GNUNET_TESTING_Interpreter is)

Returns the actual running command.

isGlobal state of the interpreter, used by a command to access information about other commands.
The actual running command.

Definition at line 548 of file testing_api_loop.c.

551 return &is->commands[is->ip];
struct GNUNET_TESTING_Interpreter * is
int ip
Instruction pointer.
struct GNUNET_TESTING_Command * commands
Commands the interpreter will run.

References GNUNET_TESTING_Interpreter::commands, GNUNET_TESTING_Interpreter::ip, and is.

Referenced by barrier_reached_run(), block_until_all_peers_started_run(), and do_timeout().

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◆ GNUNET_TESTING_add_netjail_helper_()

void GNUNET_TESTING_add_netjail_helper_ ( struct GNUNET_TESTING_Interpreter is,
const struct GNUNET_HELPER_Handle helper 

Adding a helper handle to the interpreter.

isThe interpreter.
helperThe helper handle.

Definition at line 794 of file testing_api_loop.c.

798 is->n_helper,
799 helper);
#define GNUNET_array_append(arr, len, element)
Append an element to an array (growing the array by one).
unsigned int n_helper
Size of the array helper.
const struct GNUNET_HELPER_Handle ** helper
Array with handles of helper processes for communication with netjails.

References GNUNET_array_append, GNUNET_TESTING_Interpreter::helper, is, and GNUNET_TESTING_Interpreter::n_helper.

Referenced by start_helper().

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