GNUnet 0.21.1
gnunet-service-scalarproduct.h File Reference

scalarproduct service P2P messages More...

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Data Structures

struct  ServiceRequestMessage
 Message type passed from requesting service Alice to responding service Bob to initiate a request and make Bob participate in our protocol. More...
struct  AliceCryptodataMessage
 Vector of Pallier-encrypted values sent by Alice to Bob (after set intersection). More...
struct  BobCryptodataMessage
 Message type passed from responding service Bob to responding service Alice to complete a request and allow Alice to compute the result. More...
struct  BobCryptodataMultipartMessage
 Multipart Message type passed between to supply additional elements for the peer. More...

Detailed Description

scalarproduct service P2P messages

Christian M. Fuchs
Christian Grothoff

Definition in file gnunet-service-scalarproduct.h.