GNUnet  0.20.0
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1 #include "platform.h"
2 #include <gnunet/gnunet_core_service.h>
4 struct GNUNET_CORE_Handle *
6  void *cls,
10  const struct GNUNET_MQ_MessageHandler *handlers);
void * connects(void *cls, const struct GNUNET_PeerIdentity *peer, struct GNUNET_MQ_Handle *mq)
Definition: 010.c:2
void disconnects(void *cls, const struct GNUNET_PeerIdentity *peer)
Definition: 011.c:2
static const struct GNUNET_CONFIGURATION_Handle * cfg
Configuration we are using.
Definition: gnunet-abd.c:36
static char * init
Set to the name of a service to start.
Definition: gnunet-arm.c:74
static struct GNUNET_CADET_MessageHandler handlers[]
Handlers, for diverse services.
void(* GNUNET_CORE_DisconnectEventHandler)(void *cls, const struct GNUNET_PeerIdentity *peer, void *peer_cls)
Method called whenever a peer disconnects.
void *(* GNUNET_CORE_ConnectEventHandler)(void *cls, const struct GNUNET_PeerIdentity *peer, struct GNUNET_MQ_Handle *mq)
Method called whenever a given peer connects.
struct GNUNET_CORE_Handle * GNUNET_CORE_connect(const struct GNUNET_CONFIGURATION_Handle *cfg, void *cls, GNUNET_CORE_StartupCallback init, GNUNET_CORE_ConnectEventHandler connects, GNUNET_CORE_DisconnectEventHandler disconnects, const struct GNUNET_MQ_MessageHandler *handlers)
Connect to the core service.
Definition: core_api.c:691
void(* GNUNET_CORE_StartupCallback)(void *cls, const struct GNUNET_PeerIdentity *my_identity)
Function called after GNUNET_CORE_connect has succeeded (or failed for good).
Context for the core service connection.
Definition: core_api.c:78
void * cls
Closure for the various callbacks.
Definition: core_api.c:87
Message handler for a specific message type.