GNUnet 0.21.2
GNUNET_CRYPTO_BlindedSignature Struct Reference

Type for blinded signatures. More...

#include <gnunet_crypto_lib.h>

Collaboration diagram for GNUNET_CRYPTO_BlindedSignature:

Data Fields

enum GNUNET_CRYPTO_BlindSignatureAlgorithm cipher
 Type of the signature. More...
unsigned int rc
 Reference counter. More...
union {
   struct GNUNET_CRYPTO_CsBlindSignature   blinded_cs_answer
 If we use GNUNET_CRYPTO_BSA_CS in cipher. More...
   struct GNUNET_CRYPTO_RsaSignature *   blinded_rsa_signature
 If we use GNUNET_CRYPTO_BSA_RSA in cipher. More...
 Details, depending on cipher. More...

Detailed Description

Type for blinded signatures.

Must be unblinded before it becomes valid.

Definition at line 3594 of file gnunet_crypto_lib.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cipher

◆ rc

unsigned int GNUNET_CRYPTO_BlindedSignature::rc

◆ blinded_cs_answer

struct GNUNET_CRYPTO_CsBlindSignature GNUNET_CRYPTO_BlindedSignature::blinded_cs_answer

If we use GNUNET_CRYPTO_BSA_CS in cipher.

At this point only the blinded s scalar is used. The final signature consisting of r,s is built after unblinding.

Definition at line 3617 of file gnunet_crypto_lib.h.

Referenced by GNUNET_CRYPTO_blind_sig_cmp(), GNUNET_CRYPTO_blind_sig_unblind(), GNUNET_CRYPTO_blind_sign(), parse_blinded_sig(), and qconv_blinded_sig().

◆ blinded_rsa_signature


union { ... } GNUNET_CRYPTO_BlindedSignature::details

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