GNUnet 0.21.1
StrataEstimator Struct Reference

A handle to a strata estimator. More...

#include </home/buildbot/bb-worker/worker/gnunet_firefly/build/src/contrib/service/set/gnunet-service-set_union_strata_estimator.h>

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Data Fields

struct InvertibleBloomFilter ** strata
 The IBFs of this strata estimator. More...
unsigned int strata_count
 Size of the IBF array in strata. More...
unsigned int ibf_size
 Size of each IBF stratum (in bytes) More...

Detailed Description

A handle to a strata estimator.

Definition at line 46 of file gnunet-service-set_union_strata_estimator.h.

Field Documentation

◆ strata

◆ strata_count

◆ ibf_size

unsigned int StrataEstimator::ibf_size

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