GNUnet 0.21.2
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4env = GNUNET_MQ_msg_extra (msg, payload_size, GNUNET_MY_MESSAGE_TYPE);
6 &payload,
7 payload_size);
8// Send message via message queue 'mq'
struct GNUNET_MQ_Handle * mq
Definition: 003.c:5
struct GNUNET_MessageHeader * msg
Definition: 005.c:2
GNUNET_mq_send(mq, env)
struct GNUNET_MQ_Envelope * env
Definition: 005.c:1
static unsigned long long payload
How much data are we currently storing in the database?
#define GNUNET_memcpy(dst, src, n)
Call memcpy() but check for n being 0 first.
#define GNUNET_MQ_msg_extra(mvar, esize, type)
Allocate an envelope, with extra space allocated after the space needed by the message struct.
Definition: gnunet_mq_lib.h:63
Header for all communications.