GNUnet 0.21.2
regex Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for regex:


file  gnunet-daemon-regexprofiler.c [code]
 daemon that uses cadet to announce a regular expression.
file  gnunet-regex-profiler.c [code]
 Regex profiler for testing distributed regex use.
file  gnunet-service-regex.c [code]
 service to advertise capabilities described as regex and to lookup capabilities by regex
file  perf-regex.c [code]
file  regex_api_announce.c [code]
 access regex service to advertise capabilities via regex
file  regex_api_search.c [code]
 access regex service to discover peers using matching strings
file  regex_internal.c [code]
file  regex_internal.h [code]
file  regex_internal_dht.c [code]
file  regex_internal_lib.h [code]
 library to parse regular expressions into dfa
file  regex_ipc.h [code]
 regex IPC messages (not called 'regex.h' due to conflict with system headers)
file  regex_test_graph.c [code]
file  regex_test_lib.c [code]
file  regex_test_lib.h [code]
file  regex_test_random.c [code]