GNUnet 0.21.2
util Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for util:


file  gnunet-base32.c [code]
 tool to encode/decode from/to the Crockford Base32 encoding GNUnet uses
file  gnunet-config-diff.c [code]
file  gnunet-config.c [code]
 tool to access and manipulate GNUnet configuration files
file  gnunet-crypto-tvg.c [code]
file  gnunet-ecc.c [code]
 tool to manipulate EDDSA key files
file  gnunet-qr.c [code]
file  gnunet-resolver.c [code]
 tool to test resolver
file  gnunet-scrypt.c [code]
 tool to manipulate SCRYPT proofs of work.
file  gnunet-timeout.c [code]
file  gnunet-uri.c [code]
 tool to dispatch URIs to the appropriate GNUnet helper process