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gnsrecord_misc.c File Reference

MISC functions related to GNS records. More...

#include "platform.h"
#include "gnunet_util_lib.h"
#include "gnunet_constants.h"
#include "gnunet_signatures.h"
#include "gnunet_arm_service.h"
#include "gnunet_gnsrecord_lib.h"
#include "gnunet_dnsparser_lib.h"
#include "gnunet_tun_lib.h"
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#define LOG(kind, ...)   GNUNET_log_from (kind, "gnsrecord", __VA_ARGS__)


char * GNUNET_GNSRECORD_string_to_lowercase (const char *src)
 Convert a UTF-8 string to UTF-8 lowercase. More...
const char * GNUNET_GNSRECORD_z2s (const struct GNUNET_CRYPTO_EcdsaPublicKey *z)
 Convert a zone key to a string (for printing debug messages). More...
int GNUNET_GNSRECORD_records_cmp (const struct GNUNET_GNSRECORD_Data *a, const struct GNUNET_GNSRECORD_Data *b)
 Compares if two records are equal (ignoring flags such as authority, private and pending, but not relative vs. More...
struct GNUNET_TIME_Absolute GNUNET_GNSRECORD_record_get_expiration_time (unsigned int rd_count, const struct GNUNET_GNSRECORD_Data *rd)
 Returns the expiration time of the given block of records. More...
int GNUNET_GNSRECORD_is_expired (const struct GNUNET_GNSRECORD_Data *rd)
 Test if a given record is expired. More...
const char * GNUNET_GNSRECORD_pkey_to_zkey (const struct GNUNET_CRYPTO_EcdsaPublicKey *pkey)
 Convert public key to the respective absolute domain name in the ".zkey" pTLD. More...
int GNUNET_GNSRECORD_zkey_to_pkey (const char *zkey, struct GNUNET_CRYPTO_EcdsaPublicKey *pkey)
 Convert an absolute domain name to the respective public key. More...

Detailed Description

MISC functions related to GNS records.

Martin Schanzenbach
Matthias Wachs
Christian Grothoff

Definition in file gnsrecord_misc.c.

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#define LOG (   kind,
)    GNUNET_log_from (kind, "gnsrecord", __VA_ARGS__)