GNUnet 0.21.1
GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageBody Struct Reference

The unified body of a GNUNET_MESSENGER_Message. More...

#include <gnunet_messenger_service.h>

Collaboration diagram for GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageBody:

Data Fields

union {
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageInfo   info
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageJoin   join
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageLeave   leave
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageName   name
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageKey   key
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessagePeer   peer
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageId   id
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageMiss   miss
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageMerge   merge
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageRequest   request
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageInvite   invite
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageText   text
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageFile   file
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessagePrivate   privacy
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageDelete   deletion
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageConnection   connection
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageTicket   ticket
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageTranscript   transcript
   struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageTag   tag

Detailed Description

The unified body of a GNUNET_MESSENGER_Message.

Definition at line 600 of file gnunet_messenger_service.h.

Field Documentation

◆ info

◆ join

◆ leave

struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageLeave GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageBody::leave

Definition at line 606 of file gnunet_messenger_service.h.

◆ name

◆ key

◆ peer

◆ id

◆ miss

◆ merge

◆ request

◆ invite

struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageInvite GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageBody::invite

◆ text

◆ file

◆ privacy

◆ deletion

◆ connection

◆ ticket

struct GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageTicket GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageBody::ticket

◆ transcript

◆ tag


union { ... } GNUNET_MESSENGER_MessageBody::@29

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