GNUnet 0.21.1
testing Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for testing:


file  gnunet-cmds-helper.c [code]
file  gnunet-testing.c [code]
 tool to use testing functionality from cmd line
file  list-keys.c [code]
file  testing.c [code]
 convenience API for writing testcases for GNUnet Many testcases need to start and stop a peer/service and this library is supposed to make that easier for TESTCASES.
file  testing.h [code]
file  testing_api_cmd_barrier.c [code]
 Barrier functionality.
file  testing_api_cmd_barrier_reached.c [code]
 Command to signal barrier was reached.
file  testing_api_cmd_batch.c [code]
 Implement batch-execution of CMDs.
file  testing_api_cmd_block_until_external_trigger.c [code]
file  testing_api_cmd_exec_bash_script.c [code]
file  testing_api_cmd_finish.c [code]
 command to wait for completion of async command
file  testing_api_cmd_local_test_prepared.c [code]
 cmd to block the interpreter loop until all peers started.
file  testing_api_cmd_netjail_start.c [code]
 Command to start the netjail script.
file  testing_api_cmd_netjail_start_cmds_helper.c [code]
file  testing_api_cmd_netjail_stop.c [code]
 Command to stop the netjail script.
file  testing_api_cmd_netjail_stop_cmds_helper.c [code]
file  testing_api_cmd_send_peer_ready.c [code]
 cmd to send a helper message if peer is ready.
file  testing_api_cmd_system_create.c [code]
 cmd to create a testing system handle.
file  testing_api_cmd_system_destroy.c [code]
 cmd to destroy a testing system handle.
file  testing_api_loop.c [code]
 main interpreter loop for testcases
file  testing_api_traits.c [code]
 loop for trait resolution
file  testing_cmds.h [code]
 Message formats for communication between testing cmds helper and testcase plugins.