GNUnet  0.20.0
mockup-service.c File Reference
#include "platform.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "gnunet_util_lib.h"
#include "gnunet_protocols.h"
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static void handle_stop (void *cls, const struct GNUNET_MessageHeader *message)
 Handler for STOP message. More...
static void * client_connect_cb (void *cls, struct GNUNET_SERVICE_Client *c, struct GNUNET_MQ_Handle *mq)
 Callback called when a client connects to the service. More...
static void client_disconnect_cb (void *cls, struct GNUNET_SERVICE_Client *c, void *internal_cls)
 Callback called when a client disconnected from the service. More...
static void run (void *cls, const struct GNUNET_CONFIGURATION_Handle *cfg, struct GNUNET_SERVICE_Handle *service)
 GNUNET_SERVICE_MAIN ("do-nothing", GNUNET_SERVICE_OPTION_NONE, &run, &client_connect_cb, &client_disconnect_cb, NULL, GNUNET_MQ_hd_fixed_size(stop, GNUNET_MESSAGE_TYPE_ARM_STOP, struct GNUNET_MessageHeader, NULL), GNUNET_MQ_handler_end())
 Define "main" method using service macro. More...
void __attribute__ ((destructor))
 MINIMIZE heap size (way below 128k) since this process doesn't need much. More...


static int special_ret = 0

Function Documentation

◆ handle_stop()

static void handle_stop ( void *  cls,
const struct GNUNET_MessageHeader message 

Handler for STOP message.

clsclient identification of the client
messagethe actual message

Definition at line 36 of file mockup-service.c.

37 {
38  struct GNUNET_SERVICE_Client *client = cls;
40  (void) message;
42  _ ("Initiating shutdown as requested by client.\n"));
45  /* ARM won't exponentially increase restart delay if we
46  * terminate normally. This changes the return code.
47  */
48  special_ret = 1;
49 }
#define GNUNET_log(kind,...)
void GNUNET_SCHEDULER_shutdown(void)
Request the shutdown of a scheduler.
Definition: scheduler.c:562
void GNUNET_SERVICE_client_persist(struct GNUNET_SERVICE_Client *c)
Set the persist option on this client.
Definition: service.c:2430
static int special_ret
#define _(String)
GNU gettext support macro.
Definition: platform.h:178
Handle to a client that is connected to a service.
Definition: service.c:252

References _, GNUNET_ERROR_TYPE_INFO, GNUNET_log, GNUNET_SCHEDULER_shutdown(), GNUNET_SERVICE_client_persist(), and special_ret.

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◆ client_connect_cb()

static void* client_connect_cb ( void *  cls,
struct GNUNET_SERVICE_Client c,
struct GNUNET_MQ_Handle mq 

Callback called when a client connects to the service.

clsclosure for the service
cthe new client that connected to the service
mqthe message queue used to send messages to the client

Definition at line 61 of file mockup-service.c.

64 {
65  (void) cls;
66  (void) mq;
67  return c;
68 }
struct GNUNET_MQ_Handle * mq
Definition: 003.c:5

References mq.

◆ client_disconnect_cb()

static void client_disconnect_cb ( void *  cls,
struct GNUNET_SERVICE_Client c,
void *  internal_cls 

Callback called when a client disconnected from the service.

clsclosure for the service
cthe client that disconnected
internal_clsshould be equal to c

Definition at line 79 of file mockup-service.c.

82 {
83  (void) cls;
84  GNUNET_assert (c == internal_cls);
85 }
#define GNUNET_assert(cond)
Use this for fatal errors that cannot be handled.

References GNUNET_assert.

◆ run()

static void run ( void *  cls,
const struct GNUNET_CONFIGURATION_Handle cfg,
struct GNUNET_SERVICE_Handle service 

Definition at line 89 of file mockup-service.c.

92 {
93  (void) cls;
94  (void) cfg;
95  (void) service;
96  /* nothing to do */
97 }
static const struct GNUNET_CONFIGURATION_Handle * cfg
Configuration we are using.
Definition: gnunet-abd.c:36
static struct GNUNET_SERVICE_Handle * service
Handle to our service instance.

References cfg, and service.


GNUNET_SERVICE_MAIN ( "do-nothing"  ,
GNUNET_MQ_hd_fixed_size(stop, GNUNET_MESSAGE_TYPE_ARM_STOP, struct GNUNET_MessageHeader, NULL)  ,

Define "main" method using service macro.

◆ __attribute__()

void __attribute__ ( (destructor)  )

MINIMIZE heap size (way below 128k) since this process doesn't need much.

Definition at line 119 of file mockup-service.c.

121 {
122  _exit (special_ret);
123 }

References special_ret.

Variable Documentation

◆ special_ret

int special_ret = 0

Definition at line 27 of file mockup-service.c.

Referenced by __attribute__(), and handle_stop().