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gnunet-chk.AESKey Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, passphrase)

Static Public Attributes

 key = None
 iv = None
 cipher = None
int KEY_SIZE = 32
 IV_SIZE = AES.block_size

Detailed Description

Class for AES Keys. Contains the main key and the initialization

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def gnunet-chk.AESKey.__init__ (   self,
Creates a new AES key.

passphrase: string containing the passphrase to get the AES key and
initialization vector

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103  def __init__(self, passphrase):
104  """Creates a new AES key.
106  passphrase: string containing the passphrase to get the AES key and
107  initialization vector
108  """
109  passphrase = bytearray(passphrase)
110  self.key = bytearray(self.KEY_SIZE)
111  self.iv = bytearray(self.IV_SIZE)
112  if (len(passphrase) > self.KEY_SIZE):
113  self.key = passphrase[:self.KEY_SIZE]
114  passphrase = passphrase[self.KEY_SIZE:]
115  if (len(passphrase) > self.IV_SIZE):
116  self.iv = passphrase[:self.IV_SIZE]
117  else:
118  self.iv[0:len(passphrase)] = passphrase
119  else:
120  self.key[0:len(passphrase)] = passphrase
121  self.key = str(self.key)
122  self.iv = str(self.iv)
123  assert (len(self.key) == self.KEY_SIZE)
124  assert (len(self.iv) == self.IV_SIZE)
uint16_t len
length of data (which is always a uint32_t, but presumably this can be used to specify that fewer byt...

Field Documentation

◆ key

gnunet-chk.AESKey.key = None

◆ iv

gnunet-chk.AESKey.iv = None

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◆ cipher

gnunet-chk.AESKey.cipher = None

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int gnunet-chk.AESKey.KEY_SIZE = 32

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gnunet-chk.AESKey.IV_SIZE = AES.block_size

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