GNUnet 0.21.2
util Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for util:


file  bandwidth.c [code]
 functions related to bandwidth (unit)
file  benchmark.c [code]
 benchmarking for various operations
file  benchmark.h [code]
 benchmarking for various operations
file  bio.c [code]
 functions for buffering IO
file  buffer.c [code]
 Common buffer management functions.
file  child_management.c [code]
 Handling of child processes in GNUnet.
file  client.c [code]
 code for access to services
file  common_allocation.c [code]
 wrapper around malloc/free
file  common_endian.c [code]
 endian conversion helpers
file  common_logging.c [code]
 error handling API
file  compress.c [code]
 Simple (de)compression logic.
file  configuration.c [code]
file  configuration_helper.c [code]
file  consttime_memcmp.c [code]
file  container_bloomfilter.c [code]
 data structure used to reduce disk accesses.
file  container_heap.c [code]
 Implementation of a heap.
file  container_multihashmap.c [code]
 hash map where the same key may be present multiple times
file  container_multihashmap32.c [code]
 a version of hash map implemented in container_multihashmap.c but with uint32_t as keys
file  container_multipeermap.c [code]
 hash map where the same key may be present multiple times
file  container_multishortmap.c [code]
 hash map where the same key may be present multiple times
file  container_multiuuidmap.c [code]
 hash map for UUIDs where the same key may be present multiple times
file  crypto_blind_sign.c [code]
 blind signatures (abstraction over RSA or CS)
file  crypto_crc.c [code]
 implementation of CRC16 and CRC32
file  crypto_cs.c [code]
 Clause Blind Schnorr signatures using Curve25519.
file  crypto_ecc.c [code]
 public key cryptography (ECC) with libgcrypt
file  crypto_ecc_dlog.c [code]
 ECC addition and discreate logarithm for small values.
file  crypto_ecc_gnsrecord.c [code]
 public key cryptography (ECC) for GNS records (LSD0001)
file  crypto_ecc_setup.c [code]
 helper function for easy EdDSA key setup
file  crypto_edx25519.c [code]
 An variant of EdDSA which allows for iterative derivation of key pairs.
file  crypto_elligator.c [code]
file  crypto_hash.c [code]
 SHA-512 GNUNET_CRYPTO_hash() related functions.
file  crypto_hash_file.c [code]
 incremental hashing of files
file  crypto_hkdf.c [code]
file  crypto_kdf.c [code]
file  crypto_mpi.c [code]
 Helper functions for libgcrypt MPIs.
file  crypto_paillier.c [code]
 implementation of the paillier crypto system with libgcrypt
file  crypto_pkey.c [code]
 api to interact handle generic public keys
file  crypto_pow.c [code]
 proof-of-work hashing
file  crypto_random.c [code]
 functions to gather random numbers
file  crypto_rsa.c [code]
 Chaum-style Blind signatures based on RSA.
file  crypto_symmetric.c [code]
 Symmetric encryption services; combined cipher AES+TWOFISH (256-bit each)
file  disk.c [code]
 disk IO convenience methods
file  disk.h [code]
 Internal DISK related helper functions.
file  dnsparser.c [code]
 helper library to parse DNS packets.
file  dnsstub.c [code]
file  getopt.c [code]
 GNU style option parsing.
file  getopt_helpers.c [code]
file  gnunet_error_codes.c [code]
file  helper.c [code]
 API for dealing with (SUID) helper processes that communicate via GNUNET_MessageHeaders on stdin/stdout.
file  load.c [code]
 functions related to load calculations
file  mq.c [code]
 general purpose request queue
file  mst.c [code]
 convenience functions for handling inbound message buffers
file  nc.c [code]
 convenience functions for transmission of messages to multiple clients
file  network.c [code]
 basic, low-level networking interface
file  nt.c [code]
 LAN interface scanning to determine IPs in LAN.
file  os_installation.c [code]
file  os_network.c [code]
 function to determine available network interfaces
file  os_priority.c [code]
 Methods to set process priority.
file  peer.c [code]
 peer-ID table that assigns integer IDs to peer-IDs to save memory
file  plugin.c [code]
 Methods to access plugins.
file  proc_compat.c [code]
file  program.c [code]
 standard code for GNUnet startup and shutdown
file  regex.c [code]
file  resolver.h [code]
file  resolver_api.c [code]
 resolver for writing a tool
file  scheduler.c [code]
 schedule computations using continuation passing style
file  service.c [code]
 functions related to starting services (redesign)
file  signal.c [code]
 code for installing and uninstalling signal handlers
file  socks.c [code]
 SOCKS5 connection support.
file  speedup.c [code]
 functions to speedup peer execution by manipulation system time
file  speedup.h [code]
file  strings.c [code]
 string functions
file  time.c [code]
 functions for handling time and time arithmetic
file  tun.c [code]
file  uri.c [code]