GNUnet 0.21.2
include Directory Reference
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file  block_dns.h [code]
 DNS network structs.
file  block_fs.h [code]
 FS block formats (shared between FS and Block)
file  block_regex.h [code]
 regex block formats
file  compat.h [code]
file  gauger.h [code]
file  gettext.h [code]
file  gnu_name_system_protocols.h [code]
file  gnu_name_system_record_types.h [code]
file  gnu_name_system_service_ports.h [code]
file  gnunet_abd_service.h [code]
 API to the Credential service.
file  gnunet_applications.h [code]
 Constants for network applications operating on top of the CADET service.
file  gnunet_arm_service.h [code]
file  gnunet_bandwidth_lib.h [code]
 Functions related to bandwidth (unit)
file  gnunet_bio_lib.h [code]
 Buffered IO library.
file  gnunet_block_group_lib.h [code]
file  gnunet_block_lib.h [code]
 Library for data block manipulation.
file  gnunet_block_plugin.h [code]
 API for block plugins.
file  gnunet_buffer_lib.h [code]
file  gnunet_cadet_service.h [code]
 CADET service; establish channels to distant peers.
file  gnunet_child_management_lib.h [code]
 GNUnet child management api.
file  gnunet_client_lib.h [code]
 Functions related to accessing services.
file  gnunet_common.h [code]
 commonly used definitions; globals in this file are exempt from the rule that the module name ("common") must be part of the symbol name.
file  gnunet_config.h [code]
file  gnunet_configuration_lib.h [code]
 Configuration API.
file  gnunet_consensus_service.h [code]
 Multi-peer set reconciliation.
file  gnunet_constants.h [code]
file  gnunet_container_lib.h [code]
 Container classes for GNUnet.
file  gnunet_conversation_service.h [code]
 API to the conversation service.
file  gnunet_core_service.h [code]
 Core service; the main API for encrypted P2P communications.
file  gnunet_crypto_lib.h [code]
 cryptographic primitives for GNUnet
file  gnunet_curl_lib.h [code]
 library to make it easy to download JSON replies over HTTP
file  gnunet_datacache_lib.h [code]
 datacache API
file  gnunet_datacache_plugin.h [code]
 API for database backends for the datacache.
file  gnunet_datastore_plugin.h [code]
 API for the database backend plugins.
file  gnunet_datastore_service.h [code]
 datastore service
file  gnunet_db_lib.h [code]
 shared definitions for transactional databases
file  gnunet_dht_block_types.h [code]
file  gnunet_dht_service.h [code]
 API to the DHT service.
file  gnunet_dhtu_plugin.h [code]
file  gnunet_disk_lib.h [code]
 Disk IO APIs.
file  gnunet_dns_service.h [code]
 API to access the DNS service.
file  gnunet_dnsparser_lib.h [code]
 API for helper library to parse DNS packets.
file  gnunet_dnsstub_lib.h [code]
 API for helper library to send DNS requests to DNS resolver.
file  gnunet_error_codes.h [code]
file  gnunet_fs_service.h [code]
 API for file sharing via GNUnet.
file  gnunet_getopt_lib.h [code]
 Command line parsing and –help formatting.
file  gnunet_gns_service.h [code]
 API to the GNS service.
file  gnunet_gnsrecord_json_lib.h [code]
 API that can be used to manipulate JSON GNS record data.
file  gnunet_gnsrecord_lib.h [code]
 API that can be used to manipulate GNS record data.
file  gnunet_gnsrecord_plugin.h [code]
 Plugin API for GNS record types.
file  gnunet_hello_uri_lib.h [code]
 Helper library for handling HELLO URIs.
file  gnunet_helper_lib.h [code]
 API for dealing with SUID helper processes.
file  gnunet_identity_service.h [code]
 Identity service; implements identity management for GNUnet.
file  gnunet_json_lib.h [code]
 functions to parse JSON objects into GNUnet objects
file  gnunet_load_lib.h [code]
 Functions related to load calculations.
file  gnunet_messenger_service.h [code]
file  gnunet_mhd_compat.h [code]
file  gnunet_microphone_lib.h [code]
 API to access an audio microphone; provides access to hardware microphones.
file  gnunet_mq_lib.h [code]
 General-purpose message queue.
file  gnunet_mst_lib.h [code]
 Library for tokenizing a message stream.
file  gnunet_namecache_plugin.h [code]
 Plugin API for the namecache database backend.
file  gnunet_namecache_service.h [code]
 API that can be used to store naming information on a GNUnet node.
file  gnunet_namestore_plugin.h [code]
 Plugin API for the namestore database backend.
file  gnunet_namestore_service.h [code]
 API that can be used to store naming information on a GNUnet node;.
file  gnunet_nat_auto_service.h [code]
file  gnunet_nat_service.h [code]
file  gnunet_nc_lib.h [code]
 General-purpose broadcast mechanism for message queues.
file  gnunet_network_lib.h [code]
 Basic low-level networking interface.
file  gnunet_nse_service.h [code]
 API to retrieve the current network size estimate.
file  gnunet_nt_lib.h [code]
file  gnunet_op_lib.h [code]
 Asynchronous operations; register callbacks for operations and call them when a response arrives.
file  gnunet_os_lib.h [code]
 Low level process routines.
file  gnunet_peer_lib.h [code]
 Helper library for interning of peer identifiers.
file  gnunet_peerstore_plugin.h [code]
 Plugin API for the peerstore database backend.
file  gnunet_peerstore_service.h [code]
 API to the peerstore service.
file  gnunet_plugin_lib.h [code]
 Plugin loading and unloading.
file  gnunet_pq_lib.h [code]
 helper functions for Postgres DB interactions
file  gnunet_program_lib.h [code]
 Functions related to starting programs.
file  gnunet_protocols.h [code]
 Constants for network protocols.
file  gnunet_reclaim_lib.h [code]
 Identity attribute definitions.
file  gnunet_reclaim_plugin.h [code]
 Plugin API for reclaim attribute types.
file  gnunet_reclaim_service.h [code]
 reclaim service; implements identity and personal data sharing for GNUnet
file  gnunet_regex_service.h [code]
 API to access regex service to advertise capabilities via regex and discover respective peers using matching strings.
file  gnunet_resolver_service.h [code]
 Functions related to doing DNS lookups.
file  gnunet_rest_lib.h [code]
 API for helper library to parse/create REST.
file  gnunet_rest_plugin.h [code]
 GNUnet service REST plugin header.
file  gnunet_revocation_service.h [code]
 API to perform and access key revocations.
file  gnunet_rps_service.h [code]
 API to the rps service.
file  gnunet_scalarproduct_service.h [code]
file  gnunet_scheduler_lib.h [code]
 API to schedule computations using continuation passing style.
file  gnunet_secretsharing_service.h [code]
file  gnunet_service_lib.h [code]
 Functions related to starting services.
file  gnunet_set_service.h [code]
 Two-peer set operations.
file  gnunet_seti_service.h [code]
 Two-peer set intersection operations.
file  gnunet_setu_service.h [code]
 Two-peer set union operations.
file  gnunet_signal_lib.h [code]
 Functions related to signals.
file  gnunet_signatures.h [code]
file  gnunet_socks.h [code]
 SOCKS proxy for connections.
file  gnunet_speaker_lib.h [code]
 API to access an audio speaker; provides access to hardware speakers.
file  gnunet_sq_lib.h [code]
 helper functions for Sqlite3 DB interactions
file  gnunet_statistics_service.h [code]
 API to create, modify and access statistics.
file  gnunet_strings_lib.h [code]
 Strings and string handling functions.
file  gnunet_testbed_lib.h [code]
file  gnunet_testing_arm_lib.h [code]
file  gnunet_testing_core_lib.h [code]
file  gnunet_testing_lib.h [code]
file  gnunet_testing_testbed_lib.h [code]
file  gnunet_testing_transport_lib.h [code]
file  gnunet_time_lib.h [code]
 Functions related to time.
file  gnunet_transport_application_service.h [code]
 Bandwidth allocation API for applications to interact with.
file  gnunet_transport_communication_service.h [code]
 API of the transport service towards the communicator processes.
file  gnunet_transport_core_service.h [code]
 API of the transport service towards the CORE service (TNG version)
file  gnunet_transport_monitor_service.h [code]
 Monitoring / diagnostics API for the transport service.
file  gnunet_tun_lib.h [code]
 Standard TCP/IP network structs and IP checksum calculations for TUN interaction.
file  gnunet_uri_lib.h [code]
file  gnunet_util_lib.h [code]
file  gnunet_vpn_service.h [code]
 API to access the VPN service.
file  platform.h [code]